LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: This Summer Get In Shape With Whey Isolate

LOCKDOWN WORKOUT: This Summer Get In Shape With Whey Isolate - Abbzorb

Summer is around and so are those extra pounds on your body. It’s high time to get rid of them and get into shape by following simple tips in your daily routine even in this lockdown, because “if you got it you flaunt it”. In the cutting phase Whey Isolate and workout plays a vital role. Let us know how??

Why Whey Protein Isolate?

Whey protein isolate is highly preferred because of its high bioavailability which promotes muscle mass. During the manufacturing process Whey isolate is more intensely processed to remove excess fat, carbohydrate, lactose and contains up to 90 percent or more protein. Whey protein isolate is primarily protein, easily digestible, suitable for lactose intolerants, weight loss and versatile. When shedding extra kilos whey isolate is preferred because of its ability to build muscles, boosts metabolism, reduced recovery time post workout, blood-glucose stabiliser and reduces appetite. But how can it bring apparent change? Simply by following below mentioned tips:

Five Tips Helpful For Effective Weight Loss With Whey Protein Isolate

Whey Isolate as Meal Replacement

Yes, you read it correctly. Having early dinner (2 hours before the usual) as whey isolate shake is a great option. Make it nutritious and filling by having a blend of liquid, Isolate protein powder and fruits and/or vegetables.

It is always suggested to have a light dinner after consuming your whey isolate to meet your overall macro-nutrient goals. A medium bowl of salad, cereal or just a fruit with milk serves the purpose very well and a healthy alternative for something to munch on.

Whey Protein Isolate as Snack Replacement

Whey protein isolate, and certainly any protein, can help you in reducing hunger pangs and gives you a feeling of satiety for longer than other food types, so you’re less likely to munch on junks. Based on studies, the evening is a critical time when the majority pick highly processed sugar based snacks or junk and here when you can make a difference by opting protein shake over any other option.

Not just a regular protein shake but you can try out many easy recipes with whey protein isolate. Some fingertip options are smoothies, pancakes, muffins, protein balls and so on.

Whey Isolate as Pre-Meal

Having a Whey protein isolate shake is highly recommended before stepping out for a feast or planning to hangout, where you are likely to overindulge in all unhealthy options. Whey protein isolate will help fill you up and reduce the chance of overeating.

Whey Isolate as Post and Pre workout drink

Nothing can beat Whey protein Isolate as the best choice to consume post workout. It is suggested to opt for Whey Isolate especially in the cutting down phase because of least presence of carbs, fat and lactose and to avoid muscle loss. After a heavy workout whey isolate aids muscle recovery and reduces likelihood of muscle soreness.

People who are calorie conscious can also have whey isolate as a pre workout drink while losing weight as this will deliver clean 90% protein. Having Whey Isolate 2-3 hrs before your workout will help you to maintain muscle mass during training and reduces muscle damage.


Last but most important tip is to Exercise. Yes couch potatoes, exercise is essential for being healthy and following it with Isolate protein shakes is likely to help you lose weight and maintain it. Thus, it is recommended to combine resistance training with whey protein isolate who are into losing weight. Four exercise you can count on in this lockdown for home workout:

Four home workout to get into shape

Below are whole body workouts which will fasten your heartbeat and breathing rate, fire up fat burn and build muscle.

Sprints or Sprinting in Place

An excellent choice for weight loss as sprinting burns more calories as well as builds muscle and makes use of fat for energy. To begin with use 5 x 100m all out sprints. Always relax for two minutes in between, then repeat in the sets of 8. Points to consider- hold your core tight, pump with your arms whilst sprinting, and warm up before the session.

Thrusters- Barbell or Dumbbell

One of the most beneficial, full body and daily life exercises you can take into account is Barbell or Dumbbell Thrusters, based on availability. This exercise helps in improving coordination, balance, builds strength, adds muscle, and even burns excess fat, at the same time. Always relax for 90 seconds in between, then with weight of your preference do 14 reps, then switch to four sets of 12 reps. Points to consider- you gain upper as well as lower body strength by engaging the quadriceps, glutes, and shoulders.

Ergo/Indoor Rowing

Most effective, full body nature of Rowing makes it a huge Calorie burner. Rowing for 15-20 mins each day can help you to lose approximately 300g per week or more. Always relax for the time consumed to complete the preceding 400 meter as you are suggested to do a 3 x 400m set. Points to remember- warm up till 500 meter with a steady speed.

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell Swing helps you lose weight and get into shape quickly than any other exercise as your more muscles get engaged while performing it. Your body is working hard and burning more calories. Always relax for 30 seconds, between a set of 4 rounds for 30 seconds which exceed till 10 rounds. Points to remember- Hold firmly the Kettlebell in both the hands, core should be tight and weight on the heels. Few alternatives of Kettlebell while maintaining the same posture are dumbbell, cable band pull through, to which you can give a try at home.

Best whey Isolate for Weight Loss

Even after bringing a change to your sleep pattern, stress, diet & nutrition and training if there ain’t any drop in your body weight, then whey Isolate may help.

Whether men or women, both can be benefited from supplementing with Abbzorb Whey Isolate which helps in their weight and fat loss and meeting the weight management goals.

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