Zero Carb Isolate 95% with Digestive Enzymes Whey Protein, Unflavored – 1kg

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Muscle Recovery


Product features: 

  • PURE 95% WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE– Abbzorb Zero Carb Isolate 95% plus helps to gain lean muscles and supports muscle recovery. This Zero Carb Isolate Powder provides optimum nutrition (31.3g protein) after heavy exercise to repair muscle loss with zero delivery of carbohydrate.
  • WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE - Abbzorb Zero Carb Isolate 95% plus uses fast absorbing ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate- most pure, clean and natural protein powder.
  • MEET ATHLETIC AND FITNESS GOALS- Each serving of 33g of Abbzorb Zero Carb Isolate 95% plus delivers over 7.5 grams of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Each scoop provides 129 kCal Energy- best for intense workout, effective in muscle gain and protein synthesis.
  • WITH DIGESTIVE ENZYMES - Your Abbzorb Zero Carb Isolate 95% plus contains 66mg of added Digestive Enzymes. This helps in easy absorption of protein and restore energy. Suitable for Lactose intolerant.


BLAZE UP YOUR MUSCLES- Exercise enthusiast, go enjoy your gym supplement which is least processed to provide maximum protein and nutrients. Use Abbzorb Zero Carb Isolate 95% plus before and after workout to support recovery, boost energy and reduce muscle loss.