A Beginner’s Guide to Gainers

A Beginner’s Guide to Gainers - Abbzorb

In today’s world, being a keep-fit enthusiast is not enough. We might have seen people spending hours in the gym and still not getting any visible results, as a few are blessed with good genes of high metabolism. That’s where gainers come in to save the day.
In our never-ending quest for strong muscles and muscle gains, there's a high chance that you've considered taking a weight gainer. The essence of consuming a gainer is to help your body get sweet extra calories in the right manner. Depending on your preferred choice of product, one serving of gainer would contain a whopping amount of 600-1400kcal- imagine having to supplement that through whole foods!
Our market is buzzing with a wide assortment of products, each with a different name- it will be confusing for a newbie in the fitness world to decide the most effective supplement. Don’t worry- we have got you covered! By the end of this article, you will have a general idea about our very own Gainers.

Protein powder vs. Weight gainers vs. Mass gainers

The first question that pops up in our minds as soon as we read the title is the disparities among the various kinds of gainers available. Even though they all aid in accomplishing your dream physique, they differ in their nutritional composition.

When your whole objective is to increase muscle mass, you will be worried about the amount of protein ingested and then you need to opt for protein powder. Contrasting to weight gainers/mass gainers, protein powders comprise a very low amount of carbohydrates (2-7 grams per serving) and 100-170kcal per serving, making it an ideal option for losing weight or gaining lean muscle mass as these are necessarily formulated to increase your protein intake.

Weight gainers and Mass gainers both perform the sole duty of packing you with those extra kilos. They contain a curated blend of complex carbohydrates, protein, fats (medium-chain triglycerides) along with essential vitamins and minerals in high amounts. The carbs-to-protein ratio of mass gainers is generally 3:1 (2:1 – 4:1) whereas the product becomes a weight gainer when the ratio exceeds the ratio of 4:1. These are usually low in fat, with 2.5 – 3gm per serving and may range up to 50gm protein, and the carbs usually range from 104-277 grams per serving.

Reasons for using a Weight gainer/Mass gainer

People often tend to relate exercise and fitness to losing weight, but gaining weight in desirable places at the right time can be equally challenging. Hurriedly, people jump right to the conclusion that you need to eat more to gain more but miss out on the important details as to what we should keep in mind before adding those items to our carts.

  1. 1. Gain weight that you can maintain

Gainers are a boom for the “Hardgainers'' who often struggle to gain muscle. Not only do they contain surplus carbohydrates but their calorie-dense formula enriches you with various nutrients and helps in putting on muscle mass. All the nutritional information is listed on labels, hence you can track your daily uptake and maintain your diet as per your requirement.

2. Quality macronutrients

Alongside fulfilling surplus caloric requirements, it also ensures that the macros provided are of superior quality and you are not left out of the loop.

3. Multivitamins

Additional multivitamin supplements aren’t necessary alongside a gainer as it is already fortified with enough vitamins and minerals so it won’t dig an extra hole in your pocket.

4. Fiber

The role of fiber in our diet is often underestimated. It plays a huge role in our digestion, longevity, and maintaining blood sugar as well as cholesterol levels. Gainers are packed with complex carbohydrates that comply with our nutritional needs.

5. Muscle recovery

Just after a strenuous workout session, it helps in muscle recovery and growth. A consistent workout regime along with a gainer helps you to stay focused and regular.

Weight Loss

When should I take it?

The ideal time to get hold of your gainer is just after a workout to compensate for all the expended nutrients and replenish your bodily reserve. You can also have it when you wake up, in between meals, or before bedtime.


Be mindful of all the extra calories you are hoarding to increase your muscle mass can also lead to an increase in fat. Don’t panic! Provided that you include some resistance training and cardio in your routine, your fat gain will be minimal.

Just because you are taking a gainer, doesn’t mean that you will neglect the role of vegetables, cereals, and other wholesome foods! This isn’t a miracle product sent from heaven to relieve you of all the work, only a balanced diet, ladled with supplements and lifting those weights will help you attain your holy grail.

How can Abbzorb help?

Your confusion for a Weight/Mass gainer which is budget-friendly, contains the necessary nutrients and awards you with quick results of your efforts ends now! The rise of blood sugar is one of the common issues that bodybuilders have to experience while consuming mass gainers. No need to worry as Abbzorb is devoid of all sorts of extra sugar. If your taste buds are calling, you choose among the flavors offered by us!

We have an assortment of products that are specially designed for beginners as well as extremely active individuals.

Here’s a list of products and their nutritional values from which you can choose according to your needs:

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Weight gainer



Mass gainer



Mass gainer Pro



Used a weight/mass gainer and you still haven’t seen any visible results? Don't worry - Give us a call at +91 9717709229 to know more and we will be glad to assist you!

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